Friday, May 9, 2008

Week 1: Introduction, Teambuilding, Transition and Fun.

The first week is finished.


It feels like it went by so fast and yet, because of the intensity, it feels like we have all been here for a month and known eachother for most of our lives.

I am very tired from this demanding week and looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. That way I will be well rested for the "transition" activities that are planned for tomorrow as members from the MBA class that just graduated hand over the reigns to the clubs and student executive as well as other learnings and rituals. It promises to be a night everyone will remember.

A few of the the things we did this week:
  • Were introduced to the program, the faculty, and the staff
  • Assigned to our teams
  • Given extensive teambuilding training
  • Given extensive self evaluation and strength building material
  • Introduced to the Career Centre
  • Introduced to the IT staff and assisted with setting up and using the tools provided

Everything so far has been incredibly well organized. All the material required has just "magically" appeared on my desk or at my seat in the lecture theatre.

Finally, I am really impressed with how strong all of the members of the class are. I am looking forward to learning from all of them and sharing my knowledge with them. I can definitely say at this point, the end of week one, I made the right decision returning to school to get an MBA and choosing Queen's as the school to do it at.

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