Thursday, May 15, 2008

Week 2: The Role of the General Management, Leadership and Guest Speaker (Module 1)

Week 2 is nearly complete and I can barely believe I'm surviving. We have been working in our teams to complete some group assignments. Most of us barely got the last one in before the midnight deadline.

This will complete module 1 on The Role of The General Manager and Leadership. Lots of interesting case studies and in class debate. I would post more, but the real value comes from being in the class and participating in the discussions.

The Role of The General Manager course has seen us not just gain an understanding of general management, but we have also been introduced to strategic planning. On Saturday each team will present their strategy for the latest case study.

The Leadership course has definitely challenged everyone. Although it didn't have the same requirement that we present, the content definitely ties in strongly with The Role of The General Manager course. We have been challenged on our definition of leadership, what it does, and how to apply it. There has also been a strong ethical component. I have definitely learned a lot from my classmates since they all come from such a diverse background.

We also had our first guest speaker. The individual was a CEO of one of the companies in the case studies we had investigated over the week. Very cool to meet the man behind the actual case. His presentation was on General Management and Leadership, but we barely got past the first couple of slides before the class eagerly starting questioning him on multiple topics.

I originally wanted to update this blog once a week on Friday's, but this week's entry needs to move to Thursday so I can put in another intensive evening of teamwork tomorrow evening. Not expecting to get home until at least 12:30 AM if tomorrow is the same as yesterday. (Note: this actually turned out to be 3 AM)

This evening we are kicking off "the point four club". The myth goes that a professor at Queen's once calculated that if you take one evening off to socialize it will only affect your GPA by 0.4%.

Well, off to cook some dinner while continuing to read. The shear volume of reading has kept me completely occupied when combined with class and group work. At the moment I have almost no free time and what little I have had I have used to call my parents to let them know I still exist or to go to the gym.

Overall I'd say we are off to a good start.

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Indian Blogger said...

I enjoy reading your blog as it it makes me relive those Queen's MBA days. Good luck, enjoy ur team experience, and have an awesome time.